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Customer Testimonials

Ark products boast a 90% renewal rate. Here is what our customers have to say.

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The improvements in the Ark Expiry database make key patent SPC and data exclusivity searches for biologics even easier.


Ark Expiry Database is very reliable and the customer service provided is perfect.


Ark In-depth Search provides structured, pre-analyzed comprehensive patent data

Disphar International

Ark Expiry Database enables us to quickly pinpoint to the main patents which relate to an INN.


The information is complete and well organised.

Dr Reddys Laboratories

Ark Expiry Database is the most extensive source of patent information available

Carbogen Amcis

Ark In-depth Search is simply the best tool around for being kept abreast of the ever-changing patent landscape for APIs.

Norbrook Laboratories

I think your product is good and should be used as part of due diligence by any company.

Top 5 Innovator company

This database meets the demands of information professionals as well as of end users.

Teva (Europe)

The presentation of the results is clear and concise.

Focus Pharmaceuticals

I have found Ark Expiry Database very easy to use and great reference tool.


Ark Patent Intelligence gives me a one-step full knowledge of all patents covering the product of interest.

Top 5 Generics Company

Ark Expiry Database is a comfortable One Stop Shop for any patent information.

Top 5 Generics Company

Anybody with a Generic product should use Ark Expiry Database.

Top 5 Generics company

Ark Expiry Database includes patent data in a well-designed display not available elsewhere.

API manufacturer

Ark Expiry Database is a fantastic tool, that is easy to use and simple to understand.

Jenson Pharmaceutical Services

Ark Patent Intelligence enables us to determine if we are likely to infringe.

Top 5 Generics Company

Ark Expiry Database is quick and accurate, and the staff are doing a great job.

Top 5 Generics Company

Ark In-depth Search provides comprehensive information on compound of interest

Top 5 Generics Company

Ark In-depth Search has quick availability, standard format and good customer care.

Top 5 Generics Company

Allows me to perform an analysis on an INN in hours rather than days.

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